Frequently Asked Questions



  • Where can I check if my home institution is one of the partner institutions of HKUST?
    You may check the list of partner institutions of HKUST here.


Student Visa

  • Do I need to apply for a student visa?
    Students MUST obtain a student visa to study in Hong Kong if they do NOT have a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID). For those students that have a HKID card, you should check whether you have the right to abode or right to land in Hong Kong.

    To check your HKID status, please refer to a series of letters located under your date of birth on your HKID card. You will have right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong if the first letter starts with “A” or “R”, and you will NOT need to apply for a student visa to study in Hong Kong.

  • The student visa is said to be good for a single journey. Can I leave Hong Kong on vacation during my studies at HKUST?
    Yes. You do not need to re-apply for a student visa if you continue to study at HKUST for the HKUST International Summer Exchange Program.

    If you plan to have a vacation in Mainland China, you must apply for Mainland China’s visitor visa. The Hong Kong student visa does NOT entitle you to enter Mainland China. For more details, please refer to Global Student Office’s Global Student Guide -> Section 48 “Immigration” -> Page 50 “Traveling to Mainland China”. You should check with the consulates in your home country before departure to Hong Kong.



  • How many courses can I take?
    Most of the courses at HKUST bear 3 credits. Students are allowed to take no more than 9 credits.

  • Can I transfer credits to my home institution?
    This will be determined by your home institution. You may consult the credit transferability from your home institution before coming Hong Kong.

  • Can I change my courses after registration?
    Yes, there will be an add/drop period for all courses.



  • What kind of facilities will be available in the student halls?
    All of the rooms are air conditioned and furnished with desks, chairs, bookshelves and beds (pillows, linens, and towels are not supplied). Common facilities include bathrooms, showers, TV rooms and pantries with microwave ovens. Washing and drying machines are provided and students can pay for the fee by using the HKUST student smartcard.

  • Can I choose my roommates?
    Students will be assigned to a double-room randomly. You can indicate your roommate preference on the housing application form, and your preference will be considered during room allocation. If students do not have any preferences, their roommates will be allocated on a random basis.


Working in HK

  • Can I work in Hong Kong when studying the HKUST International Summer Exchange Program?
    Students who need a student visa to study in Hong Kong shall NOT take any paid or unpaid employment, unless prior permission is obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.